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This information will be updated for the 2024 State Convention. 2023 information is below.

Important Information: Do not complete this info beforehand. Read all information at the GJCL FAX before submitting forms, or else you may be disqualified from current and future scholarship opportunities.

1. Nancy Tarver Goodyear Scholarship

The Nancy Tarver Goodyear Scholarship is a newly established scholarship in honor of beloved Latin teacher Nancy Goodyear, who was deeply involved in the JCL for 30 years.  This scholarship will help FIVE (5) JCL delegates in attending the State Latin Convention.  The scholarship will pay for the convention packet, not transportation costs.  The criteria for this scholarship are financial need, a passion for the Classics, and spirited involvement in the JCL.  Each school is limited to two applicants.  Applications are due by March 1st, and the winners will be announced by March 15th. 


Link to Nancy Tarver Goodyear Scholarship:

2. Lillie B. Hamilton Scholarship

The Lillie B. Hamilton Scholarship was established to help any underclassman (anyone but a senior) in attending the National JCL Convention and pays for the convention packet. The criteria for this scholarship are service to the organization and financial need. 

3. Ralph H. Gavett Scholarship

The Ralph H. Gavett Scholarship was established to give any qualified delegate a fully-funded trip to the 2023 National Convention at Emory University. The criteria for this scholarship are service and dedication to JCL, spirited involvement in JCL and financial need. 

Link for both Lillie B. Hamilton and Ralph H. Gavett Scholarships

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