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Certamen is a quiz-bowl-style game that tests teams of up to 4 players on classics-related topics such as Roman history, mythology, Latin literature, Latin grammar and vocabulary, Latin state mottoes and abbreviations, etc. Certamen is the Latin word for "contest" or "struggle," which is a fitting name, given the extremely competitive nature of the game.

Many states hold certamen tournaments between schools throughout the year, but the main test is at National Convention, where teams representing each state play each other for the chance to gain the glory and trophy that accompany winning first place. There are three levels of certamen: Novice for students in Latin 1 and below, Intermediate for students in Latin 2, and Upper/Advanced for students in Latin 3 and above.


Visit the 2022-2023 GJCL Certamen Syllabus for tips on what to study and more information about certamen in general. We are working on creating a list of resources for each subtopic of certamen. Stay tuned!

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