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National Convention

National Convention Information

Some Memories...

National Convention is approaching very soon! We are privileged to be hosting the 2023 NJCL Convention at Emory University, and we want you all to come to attend! Check out the NJCL FAX for more information.


Signups have already begun! Register by May 1st and receive the early bird rate of $605, or else pay an additional $15 :(

More information regarding spirit, planning events and dates, and events will be shared in the coming weeks. Hopefully we will also send out a flyer with more information regarding Olympika and a revitalized That's Entertainment! for you guys to look at.

We strongly encourage all GA JCLers to attend this year's convention. Our goal is to win as many events as possible, especially against Wisconsin in Olympika (yes, I'm calling you out Wisco. Love you <3).

(above) Legendary WJCL President Aric Ting In his Purple and Gold Roman Spirit 
2022 NJCL Parliamentarian Talha Ali delivers a speech of oath at NatCon, proudly representing GA on the Executive Board

Thank you to all who participated in National Convention! For our first in-person Nationals in three years, Georgia came to play. 2nd overall in Spirit, 1st place in Ultimate Frisbee, and numerous additional accolades. To our wonderful chaperone Mrs. Ash, thank you for helping us every step of the way and getting us cookies, pizza, and donuts! Extra special shoutout to Mr. Craig! Best bus driver ever!!!

Next year's Convention will be even more special, because it's coming home! That's right, the 2023 NJCL Convention is in Georgia at Emory University. Check out our Promo Video right here:

Attached are the results for Academic Testing, Olympika, Graphic Arts, and Creative Arts for Natcon 2022. 

Our awesome Ultimate Frisbee and Ludi team at 2022 NatCon showing their GJCL spirit (Yes, I see you, Eli)
2022-2023 GJCL Secretary Anand Krishnan laughs at Georgia losing to Wisconsin again in Olympika

2022-2023 NJCL Theme:
"Caelum, non animum, mutant qui trans mare currunt." - Horace, Epistles 1.11

Previous National Convention Sites

2014: Emory University, Atlanta, GA


2015: Trinity University, San Antonio, TX


2016: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN


2017: Troy University, Troy, AL

2018: Miami University, Oxford, OH

2019: North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

2020: Zoom University, USA

2021: Zoom University, USA

2022: University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA

2023: Emory University, Atlanta, GA

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