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National Convention

National Convention is approaching very soon! The 2024 National JCL Convention will be hosted at the University of Tennesee, Knoxville, July 22nd-27th! We want you all to come to attend! Use the QR codes in the flyer below to see the Fax and sign up for the bus! If you're having trouble, you can also click here to see the Fax and here for the bus.

Visit here for a promotional video for NatCon 2024!

Visit here for the hype video from NatCon 2015!

Previous National Convention Locations

2014: Emory University, Atlanta, GA

2015: Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

2016: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

2017: Troy University, Troy, AL

2018: Miami University, Oxford, OH

2019: North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

2020: Zoom University, USA

2021: Zoom University, USA

2022: University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA

2023: Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Some Memories from NatCon 2022

Legendary WJCL President Aric Ting In his Purple and Gold Roman Spirit 
2022 NJCL Parliamentarian Talha Ali delivers a speech of oath at NatCon, proudly representing GA on the Executive Board
Our awesome Ultimate Frisbee and Ludi team at 2022 NatCon showing their GJCL spirit
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