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About Us

National Junior Classical League

The National Junior Classical League (NJCL) was formed in 1936 as an organization of junior and senior students and is composed of chapters from Australia, Canada, and the USA.


It is currently the largest classical organization in the world and has over 50,000 members. Its purpose is to encourage an appreciation of the culture and language of ancient Greece and Rome.


Georgia Junior Classical League

Founded in 1951, the GJCL is tied for the fifth most local chapters (35 chapters strong!) and has the fourth most members out of any NJCL chapter (1383 members total!)


The 1991, 2014, and 2023 NJCL Conventions took place at Emory University in Georgia.


Every year on the weekend closest to April 21, the supposed day of the founding of Rome, the GJCL hosts its own convention at Rock Eagle. The GJCL is also one of the few states to host Fall Forum, a day-long version of the state convention that is held at the school of the GJCL president annually.

The GJCL also traditionally hosts several events throughout the year, including Praetoria, a two-day online workshop run by the GJCL officers, and Agonalia, a mini-certamen event.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the GJCL?

    • The simple answer is that the GJCL is a student organization that focuses on spreading appreciation for the ancient Greco-Roman cultures through various activities. However, the longer (and more accurate) answer is that the GJCL is anything that you want it to be! 

    • For more academically-inclined students, we offer Academic Testing (with recognition and monetary rewards) and Certamen (Latin Quiz Bowl). For artists, we have visual arts competitions that range from sculpting to photography to jewelry. For athletes, we have Ludi (team sports) & Olympika (individual sports) that also offer awards to take home. We also have plenty of community service and leadership opportunities that members enjoy, and no matter what your strengths are, we’re all united under a social community that will welcome you with open arms. 

  • Q: What are some benefits of being a member/creating a chapter? 

    • There are plenty of good things that come out of being a member/creating a chapter. 

    • Some more palpable merits are opportunities to boost your resume. The GJCL offers lots of competitions, leadership, and community service activities that have served members well in other endeavors in life, such as serving in other clubs or college applications. For example, tests offered at schools and conventions often provide recognition that impresses figures in other areas of life. Community service activities provide easy ways to earn hours. The abundant leadership positions, anywhere from the local to national levels, have served members well in preparing for the next stages in their life, from college and beyond.

    • However, the most important and widespread benefit of the GJCL is the community. While this is a cliche, it’s a truth for so many of our members and sponsors. The people you spend time with in the GJCL will eventually become your high school family. As we travel together (in years without COVID-19) to Rock Eagle for our annual state convention or around the United States for National Convention (from Lafayette, LA, to Atlanta, GA, and now Knoxville, TN), the bonds we create during toga processions or late-night fellowship meetings are unforgettable, and alumni often return to continue to be a part of the organization. JCLove will become a staple in your life no matter what kind of person you are (unless you’re a Brutus and decide to stab someone 23 times), and we’re excited to welcome you with open arms!

  • Q: Do you have to be “good at Latin/Classics” to join or have a fun experience?

    • Not at all! The GJCL can be enjoyed by anyone, whether you’re the next Socrates or a complete newbie. Think of the GJCL as a Greco-Roman-themed Disney World; even though it’s fun to know all the different Disney characters when visiting, you don’t need to know anything to enjoy the rides or have a good time. In fact, we specifically offer plenty of activities that don’t require any brain power, such as Roman Feast or Gladiatorial Combat workshops. Even when we are set in a virtual format, we take the time to organize events that are fun for everyone of every age and interest.

    • Our opportunities to serve are a lot of fun as well! The 2nd Vice President is responsible for organizing active community service activities at conventions, such as creating Love Links or making blankets for the homeless. For more information, email Eunice Maia at There are also more leadership roles available at the local, state, and national levels as well. Check out more information about the National Junior Classical League at, and contact Ashley Wang, our GJCL parliamentarian, at if you want to get involved at the state level! More information about starting a local chapter can be accessed through the Membership page. CHECK IT OUT!

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