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General Information

Praetoria is an annual GJCL event focused on leadership within the GJCL at both the state and the local levels. As one of the first events of the year, Praetoria provides a foundation for the active participation in GJCL and JCL events throughout the coming months. This will be the third virtual Praetoria, and thus, online activities and mixers will be offered to promote fellowship among chapters! Like last year, the cost to attend is free, and there is no limit on delegate attendance.


Check out the Praetoria Fax here!


Membership in the Georgia Junior Classical League is not required for Praetoria participation, but merely to encourage collaboration amongst experienced Latin programs and provide resources to newly established ones. All JCLers (or prospective JCLers) are welcome; underclassmen are strongly recommended to attend! 












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“The experiences offered at Praetoria hopefully promote more enthusiasm for Latin, whether this involves increasing publicity at a local level, interacting with the public to promote the Classics, or running for office at local and state levels. At the event, students will attend virtual seminars that detail the specifics of running a Certamen team, increasing membership, participating in spirit competitions, and so much more.”

- 2020-2021 GJCL 1st VP Kaya Holmes

Promotional Flyer

We encourage all sponsors to share this opportunity with students! Feel free to use the attached flyer and promote the event! 


GJCL Praetoria Flyer 2023




Click the link below to register! 


Register by November 15th, 11:59pm

  • Attendance is free!

  • Membership is not required.

  • There is no limit on delegate attendance.


Praetoria 2015 (photo credits to former GJCL Historian Eric Wang) 

Why was Praetoria Started?

"There was an idea, Jermaine knows this, called the Praetoria Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could." - Saad (Fury) Bashir, Former GJCL Vice President

...Okay yes, I do realize this is blatant plagiarism from the Avengers. But this quote essentially entails what this event is all about. We are reaching out to the best JCLers from across the state and inviting them to meet with us virtually. While there, these lucky Latin leaders will get to know each other and form those bonds that tie the JCL family together. We will acquaint them to the JCL events that will be held over the course of this year, and how they and their school can get involved.

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