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GJCL Events



Over the course of the year, GJCLers can participate in four main events:

  • Praetoria is a one or two-day online workshop experience, typically held in the fall or early winter, that strives to connect participants from across the state while going over topics such as service projects, certamen, and much more. More info is on the Praetoria webpage.

  • Fall Forum is a mini-convention held at the GJCL President's school on a Saturday in October (this year, Fall Forum will be on October 21st at Walton High School). It is intended to "get people's feet wet" with a condensed version of all the events at the State Convention.

  • State Convention is the biggest event we put on, a 3-day stay at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in April, where eager students from all over the state gather to spread the JCLove. Don't miss it! More info is on the State Convention webpage.

  • National Convention is a one-week convention held on the last week of July where JCLers from all over the nation gather in one big Latin event. The nation's best Latin students compete here, so join us to show your JCL dominance! 

Throughout the year, we will also have several Certamen tournaments.

Upcoming Events

- Fall Forum: October 21, 2023 @ Walton High School
- Praetoria: Date TBD @ Online
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