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Membership Advisory Committee

What is MAC?

MAC is a student committee led by the GJCL 1st Vice President that discusses expanding membership throughout the JCL. MAC will also actively communicate with local clubs around the state, specifically small and future chapters, to increase interactivity and proximity among all members. MAC will also prove to be a source for new ideas to be shared across chapters and will develop new strategies to expand GJCL membership in the future. MAC additionally provides leadership opportunities for involved members to gain more experience in leading successful chapters. If any student or Latin/Greek teacher is interested in learning more about starting or growing a GJCL chapter, please reach out to or one of the MAC members listed below.

Thank you to everyone who applied to MAC 2022-2023! If you were accepted, we look forward to seeing you at our first meeting on September 17th! Zoom link is in the GroupMe!
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