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This information will be updated for the 2024 State Convention. 2023 information is below.

Welcome to the GJCL Bazaar!

Here, we have numerous items from several JCL chapters from around the state. View all the res admirabilis being showcased, and consider buying some at Convention to support your fellow JCL chapters!

Bazaar Options

All purchases made at State Convention

HAILING the classic Mt. Vesuvius, Brookwood JCL shows the creativeness of a simple interaction with Mt. Vesuvius.

Cost: $20

Brookwood JCL

Brookwood Tshirt Front 2023_edited.jpg
Brookwood Tshirt Back 2023.png

Vendor #1

Spanish I am Your father Blue Front_edit
Spanish I am your Father Blue Back.JPG
Spanish I am your father Tie Dyed Back.JPG
Spanish I am your father Tie Dyed Front_
Ya Like Latin Tshirt Front.JPG
Ya Like Latin Tshirt Back.JPG

Coming into State Convention with TWO T-shirt designs, Eastside is showing that it is here to show its JCL pride and restore its former glory.

Cost: $15 each or 2 for $20

Eastside JCL

Vendor #2

The feared, the proud, and the respected. Milton came, Milton saw, and Milton conquered the Bazaar with their dynamic shirt design.

Cost: unknown

Milton HS JCL

Vendor #3

image (1).png
Archer Latin Dead Shirt Front.png
Archer Grumio Shirt Front_edited.jpg

Vendor #4

Returning in full size again, the Archer JCL brings back an old classic in Grumio and the renewal of "Latin Isn't Dead" is sure to serve a fresh wave of nostalgia.

Cost: $10 each

Archer HS JCL

Oh boy, the Marist School showed up big time. Boasting a vast portfolio of posters, bracelets, and books, they stand out from the rest.

Cost: $10 each

Marist School

Vendor #5

Midtown HS

Vendor #6

Led by its two GJCL officers and a revitalized showing, the Midtown JCL joins the Bazaar table to feature its shirts and various display items.

Cost: $10 each

Brace yourselves; the Walton JCL is here. The giant chapter joins the Bazaar table with several classics including Agricola. Special discount prices featured.

Cost: $10-$15 each*

Walton HS

Vendor #7

Wheeler HS

Vendor #8

Never out, but making the comeback. The Wheeler JCL shows up to the Bazaar to showcase its t-shirts and merch.

Cost: available at the store

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