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The bazaar will be held on Saturday, April 13 at State Convention. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for JCL and SCL groups to raise funds to accomplish their projects, and for GJCL Convention participants to buy items promoting the JCL and the classics.


Vendors at the bazaar may be GJCL or GSCL members or sponsors, selling for the benefit of local, state, or national JCL and/or SCL organizations. All items sold must be in good taste. The sale of consignment or re-sale items is permitted with the profit of the sale going to the JCL/SCL group. The cost of items usually ranges from $5 to $15 but can be any reasonable amount. Please note:  NO food items may be sold at the bazaar.


Those who would like a table at the Bazaar should send a digital photograph and description of your goods to GJCL Webmaster Andrew Albright ( Schools that plan to host a table at the Bazaar should also fill out this Google Form.

Please check out all the res admirabilis that will be sold, and consider stopping by the bazaar to purchase some items and support your fellow JCL chapters!

Items for Sale at State Convention

Cambridge HS

This shirt is a parody of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour shirt, instead starring Grumio - Caecilius's slave cook in the Cambridge Latin Course stories - on his "Roman Tour".

Cost: unknown


Milton HS

Milton will be selling these shirts that combine the Nike Elite apparel line and the classical mythology we all know and love.

Cost: unknown

Background Lavender.png

Marist School

Marist JCL has created four different posters for this year's bazaar: Athens, Rome, Pompeii, and Mount Vesuvius. Stop by for a souvenir of your favorite ancient landmark!

Cost: $5 per poster

Marist 2024 Athens Poster.png
Marist 2024 Mount Vesuvius Poster.png

Parkview HS

This Kentastic shirt is Kenough to show your Kenergy at any JCL event. Kensilonem capite to come to the bazaar and get your own! 

Cost: $18 per shirt

Parkview 2024 Front.png
Parkview 2024 Back.png

DeKalb School of the Arts

DSA will be selling two colorful items at this year's Bazaar: "My Job is Latin" t-shirts and assorted "Hot Latin Student" holographic and glitter stickers.
Cost: $15 per shirt
$3 per sticker or 2 for $5

DSA 2024 Shirt.jpg
DSA 2024 Stickers.jpg

Georgia Senior Classical League

Georgia SCL will be selling fun bead bracelets and stickers to raise money for the GJCL and the GSCL. Be sure to stop by and support our amazing SCLers!
Cost: unknown

GSCL 2024 Bracelets.jpg
GSCL 2024 Stickers Combo.png

UGA Classics Club/ Eta Sigma Phi

Show your love for the UGA Classics Club by purchasing one of their wonderful stickers or t-shirts!

Cost: unknown

UGA Eta Sigma Phi 2024 Stickers.jpg
UGA Eta Sigma Phi 2024.jpg

Pace Academy

Pace is bringing a collection of super unique goods to this year's bazaar, including Rota (Roman tic-tac-toe), Roman Shield Keychains, and statuettes, of Athena, Julius Caesar, and Marcus Aurelius.

Cost: unknown

Pace 2024 Rota (Roman Tic Tac Toe).heic
Pace 2024 Marcus Aurelius Bust.heic

Brookwood HS

Brookwood High School JCL will be selling t-shirts with a Dynasties Tour parody design and button pins with various classics-inspired quotes.

Cost: $20 per shirt
$3 per button pin

Brookwood 2024 Dynasties Tour.png
Background Lavender.png

North Gwinett HS

Purchase a t-shirt, wristband, or temporary tattoo from NGHS! The inscription on the wristbands translates to "Bees are not of solitary nature."

Cost: $8 per shirt (2 designs)
$1 for 4 bracelets
$1 for 2 temporary tattoos

NGHS 2024 Shirt 2 Back.jpg
NGHS 2024 TT and Wristbands.png

The Walker School

The Walker School will be selling these creative shirts in an assortment of colors, sizes, and cuts.

Cost: $5 per shirt

Background Lavender.png

Johns Creek HS

This shirt features the lovely Grumio, Caecilius and Matella, with the lovely message "Love conquers all .... even Matella."

Cost: $20 per shirt

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