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Email GJCL Webmaster Andrew Albright ( with any questions or to have any events added to the calendar.

REMINDER: Submit to Monthly Contests

December 1, 2023

For additional help, visit the new Contest Guide, created by GJCL Editor William Zhao.

Note: Some NJCL contests may have different deadlines, so visit here for more info on them. Also, GJCL's POTM Deadline is Dec. 5, not Dec. 1.

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Eastside Certamen Tournament

December 9, 2023

Join Eastside JCL and compete against the best Certamen teams from across Georgia! Registration is due by December 5, and click here for more information.

Eastside Certamen - Walton Advanced.JPG

GJCL State Convention

April 12-14, 2024

Come show off your skills, meet new Latin students, and have a fun weekend with friends at the Rock Eagle 4H Convention Center! Visit this page for more information.

State Convention - Walton Spirit.JPG
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