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Website Contest

GJCL Website Contest


The GJCL Website Contest occurs annually at State Convention. Visit here to submit.

NJCL Website Contest

The NJCL Website Contest is a monthly submission that allows each chapter to showcase its website and all the hard work they've done with it over the course of the school year. Websites are judged holistically in areas such as creativity, detailed announcements, and much more.

When you submit your website to the form, please include the following with your submission:

  • Website link

  • Changes made to the website in the past month

    • This includes if you consistently kept announcements​ updated throughout the year

    • Keep the details content-rich, but not repetitive.

  • Digital signatures to ensure you did all the work to the website

To view the NJCL Website Contest details, click here: NJCL Website Contest


Do you feel like your website needs a slight upgrade? Unsure of where to begin or what to improve? The 2022-2023 GJCL Webmaster, Stephen Zhu, has created a guide that allows viewers to view how to submit to the NJCL website contest, as well as a rubric analysis and additional tips for improving your website embedded in the guide. You can locate this guide here. More updates to the guide will come out leading up to State-Con and beyond.

Click here to view the guide: GJCL Guide for the NJCL Website Contest

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