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Monday: Life of a Roman

As we here on the GJCL Board like to say,
mira quædam in cognoscendo suavitas et delectatio"
there is a certain wonderful sweetness and delight in gaining knowledge)
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You know, what if we could time travel to the past and enjoy Roman life? What if we went to eat some "Roman" food? What would it taste like?

We all love food and the joy of it hitting our mouths. The umami flavors of meat and protein, the saltiness of many condiments, and the sweetness of candy. However, Ancient Rome never had these things, instead relying on simple ingredients to make their meals savory and fresh. Do note that disease still ravaged some areas, but we're going to disregard that right now.

Immediately, you'd see some rarities that typical humans would never touch, including
flamingo and dormouse. How they manage to eat mice without getting terribly sick is beyond me honestly, but I'm impressed. New York needs to learn a thing or two about that. The Romans also consumed lots of fish, both those that came from saltwater backgrounds and freshwater estuaries. They used fish in a variety of ways, including to make garum, a fish sauce/paste, and liquamen, another type of fish sauce. For those of you who don't like fish, just remember these guys had to use it a lot in their dishes as condiments, so...go eat fish (unless you're allergic to seafood, you should; it's really high in omega-3 and omega-6!).

Romans also had a taste for vegetables and sweets, and their amazing variety of goods is similar to our current assortment today. Their vegetables consisted of foods we would see in our everyday lives - cabbage, lettuce, onions, and garlic, just to name a few.
Classic Mediterranean diet, if you ask me. A key to their variety was honey, which they stuffed in pancakes and/or ate with bread, perhaps the most important food item in Rome. The Romans also used raisin wine, sweetmeats, and...fried dates with honey? Sounds a bit too jam-packed for me.

Lastly, the Romans, like us, had three meals -
ientaculum (breakfast), prandium (lunch), and cena (dinner), with cena being the most important and largest meal of the day. However, their manners were less...rigid. These poor fellas ate with their hands! Perhaps if these guys had understood hygiene they wouldn't be praying to the Gods as much. Romans, am I right? The wealthy even got to have three different meals - an appetizer (gustatio), a main course (prima mensa) and sweets (secunda mensa)! I wish I had a three-course meal every day...oh wait, they had servants and we don't. Life for the slaves must have been tiring at times.

Well, that has been today's Morning Tea! Hope your appetites have been thoroughly stimulated and ready to intake some delicious food.
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