Club Of The Month

Club of the Month Rules

Club of the Month (COTM) is a contest held by the GJCL to shine a spotlight on chapters in Georgia as well as to encourage more chapters to submit to the NJCL Club of the Month contest! Submissions open on the 28th of each month & close on the 15th of the following month! Please email Isabel Buyers at if you have any questions/concerns!

For each event and/or service project, please supply the:

  • Date(s) it took place. It can be sent as one date (November 1st), multiple dates (November 1st, 3rd, and 12th), or a range of dates (November 1st through 15th).

  • Total time event took (approx). Organizing, preparing, participating, etc.

  • Total participation (approx). Don’t need exact numbers! Just give an approximation to gauge the size of your chapter. If other clubs from your school participated, feel free to mention them in your submission!

  • Details of the event. Give me an idea of what happened during this event! What did you do? If the event was a service project, how many donations did you collect and who did it benefit?

  • Most important of all: send pictures, either through  the submission links in the forms or by emailing the 2nd VP! Also gives Historian more opportunities to post!