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Georgia Junior Classical League

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Latest News

  1. The new GJCL Calendar is out! Check it out here! (It's also under the "About" tab at the top)

  2. Check out the new GJCL Contest Guide (link), designed by our editor William Zhao!

  3. Eastside JCL is hosting a Certamen tournament on December 9, 2023! Check out more information here! 

  4. Sign up for the Webmaster Workshop Series, run by our webmaster Andrew Albright! Sessions will be held monthly for help with creating and improving chapter websites. To register, email him ( your school name and phone number.

  5. Georgia JCL will be compiling an art gallery, open to all past GJCL & NJCL convention submissions and any other classical-themed art. For more information and to submit, visit this page! 

2023-2024 NJCL Theme
"Multa, quae impedita natura sunt, consilio expediuntur"
Livy, Ab Urbe Condita XXV.11

"Many things which are naturally difficult are solved with ingenuity"

Background by Flannery Hipp, Marist '26

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