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Georgia Junior Classical League

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Latest News

1. Campaign Corner is now out! Check out our Candidacy page for guidelines and tips to slay your competition in office positions, as well as the requirements needed. Only one month until State Convention!


2. Agonalia Registration is out! Agonalia is a fun Certamen event fit from beginners to advanced players. Questions range from contemporary music and sports to myth and history, so everyone will find something they enjoy. Sign up here and check out our Agonalia page here for more details!

3. A NEW MORNING Tea is back! The first Morning Tea of the New Year is up! Check it out and give us feedback! If you want to see any topics featured on the Morning Tea, fill out this form and I'll do my best to address them!

That's all, y'all! Enjoy your day!

2022-2023 NJCL Theme:
"Caelum, non animum, mutant qui trans mare currunt." - Horace, Epistles 1.11


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