Website Contest

Website Contest Rules

The GJCL website contest is a single submission in April that allows each chapter to showcase their website and all the hard work they've done with it over the course of the school year. Every year we have lots of chapters submit to the contest, and it is a joy to see all the hard work of the webmasters out there!

When you submit your website, please include the following with your submission:

  • Website link

  • Changes made to the website in the academic year

    • This includes if you consistently kept announcements​

  • Details of the event. Give me an idea of what happened during this event! What did you do? If the event was a service project, how many donations did you collect and who did it benefit?

  • Most important of all: send pictures, either through the submission links in the forms or by emailing the 2nd VP! Also gives Historian more opportunities to post!

For the contest, the GJCL webmaster will be using the NJCL website contest scoresheet as a reference/guide.