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Appointed Positions

Appointed Position Portfolio Tips

Historian (Jiya):

1. Your portfolio! Your photography portfolio is around 9-12 pictures that you have taken and edited that you think to represent your photography skills well. These do not have to be Latin-related photos but must be photos that you have taken.

2. Scrapbooks! For traditional scrapbooks, please submit a video with the cover and all the pages flipped through. For digital scrapbooks, depending on what program you use to make them, you should be able to export them as a PDF. Please export your digital scrapbook as a PDF and then upload it onto Google Drive. Then, share the scrapbook with me to my email,

3. Any other materials! (emailed to me)

Editor (Aran): Bring anything that shows off your writing and design skills and experience. This could be work you did for your school editorials, your Latin JCL, or even your independent writing works. Be yourself!

Webmaster (Stephen): Preferred portfolios include a school webpage, a news blog, or your own independent webpage. It can be whatever you desire, but make sure it shows off your dedication, experience, and creativity. If you believe/expect WiFi access will be an issue at Rock Eagle, it may be best to have HTML files of your webpage(s) (if you need help doing this, check out this video: )

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