About Your Webmaster

Name: Seong Ryoo

Office: Webmaster

Email: webmaster@gjcl.org






What are you most excited to do as GJCL Webmaster the coming year?

I'd love to be able to modernize the gjcl website and organize all the files under the hood that seem to have piled up over the years. What I'm most excited about, however, would be adding little animated features to the website! Website design can be fun too, and adding those kinds of stylistic flair has always my favorite part of the whole process.

What do you like most about Latin?

For me, the most satisfying and enjoyable moments come from the successful translation of a fun Latin text, like a humorous poem. Now, I'm not very good at translation, but the puzzle-like nature of Latin grammar does pose an interesting challenge. When all the pieces eventually come together, it's fascinating to be able to hear the voice of a person from thousands of years in the past. And when that ancient voice is full of wit and humor and life, it's an amazing feeling.

What Latin quote most resonates with you?

Right now it's got to be Horace's Eheu, fugaces labuntur anni. Everything seems like it's moving so fast!

What website could you not live without?