State Convention

What is State Convention?

State Convention is a three day event held every year at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center on the weekend closest to April 21, the supposed founding day of Rome. The 2018 GJCL State Convention will be from April (TBD).

 Sponsors should receive emails from Liz Bouis, the Convention Chair, about registration and forms for convention.

Sponsors of chapters in good standing will receive their registration packets from the Convention Chair. Please address any question about your membership status to the Membership Chair.

GJCL's annual statewide service competition is here! Read more and learn all the details about the competition here.

In SCL? A link will be posted here as soon as SCL registration is opened.

The State Scrapbook will be turned in upon registration at state convention: photo, article, graphic, news clipping for 10 spirit points. This must be in a digital format, as well, and must be separate from the Alae submissions. The digital copy can be submitted here. More can be read about the State Scrapbook submission in the 2017 FAX.

Make sure to participate in this year's local publication contest! Submit your school's JCL newsletters -- 5 winners will be announced at this year's state convention in April. This a great opportunity to get recognized for your hard work and to help further encourage participation in JCL events, so don't miss it! Rules and information can be found here.