About Your Secretary

Name: Mina Yu

Office: Secretary

Email: secretary@gjcl.org






(Help me I'm being eaten by subjunctives)


(I am a flimsy noodle)

What are you most excited to do as GJCL Secretary the coming year?

I'm really excited to foster connections and communication between the state board and the local chapters! After all, GJCLers have so many incredible ideas (some of which I've already received and shared with my fellow officers), and, on a personal level, it's such a privilege to get to know and befriend so many awesome people. I'm hoping that the newsletter program I have initiated will help make it easier for teachers and local officers to communicate with the state officer board; however, I would like to encourage ANY member with questions, ideas, or concerns to contact us via email!

What do you like most about Latin?

My favorite thing about Latin is that it provides us access into the thoughts, ideas, and stories of the past. Knowing this language feels like holding a key to another world (or a wand in front of a brick wall that opens into Diagon Alley... or standing in front of a wardrobe that leads into a land of magic and snow!). Sure, we could choose to read these texts in English, but personally translating texts feels as gratifying to me as solving a puzzle, with the added benefit that, once I fit in the final piece, Vergil or Ovid or Caesar will begin to speak to me, brought back to life through their words. Plus, Latin students get to dress up in togas and play pin-the-knife-in-the-Caesar on the Ides of March! xD

Who is your favorite Roman/Classical figure?

It has to be Ovid. I mean, this guy wrote so problematically (including but not limited to: an epic written to make fun of epics, literally Ars Amatoria, a book detailing the unsavory details of Roman festivals) that Augustus kicked him out of Rome, and then proceeded to write mopey poems about how sad he was and how much he wanted to go back to Rome until he died. I can relate. :'D

Aren't pigeons a little misunderstood?

Yes, they are! They're only trying to survive, after all. Plus, they have homing abilities and keen eyesight and can be trained to relay messages! I think that's pretty cool. As our president Michael Banks would say, "Pigeons are PALS, not PESTS!"