About The SCL

The Georgia Senior Classical League (Georgia SCL or GSCL) is an organization—mostly of college students—which promotes the study, appreciation and advancement of the Classics. It is the college-level affiliate of the Georgia Junior Classical League (GJCL). Graduates of GJCL may go on to be members in GSCL; high school seniors on the cusp are known as "Slashers"— a reference to their status as "JCL/SCL" members. It is not required that you major in Classics or Latin in college to join the GSCL nor is it necessary to take Latin in college. Membership is open to all those willing to aid the JCL and promote the love of the Classics. Duties of the GSCL include helping the GJCL run events such as Ludi, Olympika, and That's Entertainment. JCL members interested in joining the SCL should contact a GSCL officer.

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Here are the 2017-2018 officers:

Mary Spears


Georgia College and State University

Lauren Johnson

Vice President

Georgia Institute of Technology

Elijah Martincek


Georgia Gwinnett College

Ryan Slusher


University of Georgia

Angie Rhilinger


University of North Georgia at Dahlonega