About Your President

Name: Michael Banks

Office: President

Email: president@gjcl.org






What are you most excited to do as GJCL President the coming year?

I'm beyond excited that I get to work with the phenomenal board to create a greater connection not just with the local chapters, but with the local delegates of GJCL so that I may provide them with the resources they need to start and run a local chapter of JCL or just enhance their leadership skills through their passion and love of the Classics.

What do you like most about Latin?

In terms of JCL, the people! Every GJCLer has talents, passions, and interests that they contribute to creating an environment of love and compassion for those around them. In term of the class itself, probably history. It's like learning the plot of a soap opera and the memes can be quite funny.

What is your favorite food/restaurant?

Yes. Next question?

What fictional character is your role model?

Leslie Knope! She is so passionate about what she does, even if some people don't understand it. But most importantly, she cares about the people in her life and works tirelessly to make sure that they are happy and living as the best versions of themselves! Plus, she lives for a good binder and I feel that on a spiritual level.

What is the best thing to do at Latin Convention?

Everything? I'm really big on just talking to people and making sure they're having a good time. I do love to support my school at the Chariot Races and Olympika events!